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SPITI BLOG for 2018

  • Joan Pollock
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2018 was a year of consolidation for Spiti Projects:

Newletter 2015

The Community Centre is now up and running. We have a delightful resident cook who provides meals to the local people and visiting tourists. The meals are all fully organic, using home-grown produce, and totally delicious.

Craft Shop

The Craft Centre is now fully supplied with some excellent goods to buy. We have a good supply of the unique Spiti socks and shawls. Also available when the temperature suddenly drops is a selection of track suits, sweaters, tee-shirts, scarves and gloves.

Snow in Spiti

The solar-thermal technology incorporated in the construction of the building is working brilliantly and is keeping the inside of the building well above zero when the temperature outside is minus 15-25C.

Rotary Eye Hospital

A team of Eye Doctors from the Rotary Eye Hospital in Palampur came to the Valley this summer to carry out Eye Treatment Camps. Their work was much appreciated as the nearest oculist is over 300K away from the valley.

Sponsor a child

The Child Sponsorship programme is going well. We now support 35 young students from poor families. This is giving them an opportunity for a good education and a really positive future.


We are proud to announce the Apple Tree Project. This is to supply poor families with two apple trees each to be planted in their back garden. Apples are rich in Vitamin C, and this will be hugely beneficial to all the family, and a special treat for the children.

Thank you all for your amazing support. Without you, none of this would happen. Please continue to support us in our many projects for the well-being of local inhabitants of the Spiti Valley.

We would like to wish you a peaceful, prosperous and healthy 2019.

All good wishes from our team.