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Protection of Wildlife in Spiti - Himalayan Serow

  • Joan Pollock
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Himalayan Serow, a goat antelope, was sighted and captured on camera for the first time in Spiti valley this winter.

The near-threatened Himalayan Serow had almost disappeared from the cold desert. It was today spotted at Hurling village in Spiti valley of Lahaul-Spiti district, much to the delight of wildlife officials. The officials have captured the movement of this rare animal on camera near a stream where it was grazing. It fled soon after sensing human movement.

Himalayan Serow Goat Antelope
Himalayan Serow is included under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, and its hunting is prohibited. It is also listed among the endangered species by the International Union for Conservation for Nature.
It is known to be an extremely shy animal and its habitat was dense forests. Only in winter sightings are possible when they migrate to the lower elevations. The Himalayan Serow was earlier spotted in Great Himalayan National Park, Kulu district. Wildlife officials in Kaza have been asked to keep a close eye on the Serows as hunting has now increased in winter, when these animals descend to lower regions to find food due to heavy snow at higher altitudes.

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