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Autumn Tablet Appeal 2021

Please help us to provide tablets to support the education and learning of the Spiti valley’s school children.

The global pandemic has seen children and young people around the world having their education disrupted. While it’s been difficult for them all, regardless of background, for those students living in the remote Himalayan Spiti valley it has been more challenging. The valley was closed during Covid, so money and supplies were short and many of our sponsored pupils have really struggled.

During periods of lockdown in the valley, some of the children were able to access lessons and educational materials online by using their parent’s mobile phones. Often having to share one phone with 2 or 3 of their brothers and sisters.

This is not ideal, especially for the older ones who need to study for important exams. Recently, the government has installed WiFi throughout the valley. This offers a wonderful opportunity for all the students to have access to the Internet and continue their studies.

IF they have the equipment to do it.

So please, we would like to ask you, our generous supporters, to help us provide as many students as possible with tablets, so they may continue with their studies, pass their exams and fulfil their dreams!

THE TABLETS cost £200 each.

Through our contacts in Delhi, good quality tablets have been sourced locally using a reputable supplier.

The tablets will have parental controls installed for the young people’s safety and the correct curriculums for each child.

Each household will receive one tablet for the use of senior students, which can also be used by their siblings.

With the advent of Zoom, Spiti Projects are now able to work closely with the Head Teachers to ensure the tablets are used properly by the students and we can watch their progress, this is very exciting for all of us.

Any contribution, however small, for funding a tablet, will make an enormous difference to a young person’s education and would be so very helpful for them.

Tablets appeal

A very big thank you in advance.

From our Spiti Team.

Joan Pollock FRGS SRN
Founder, Spiti Projects Charity
Travel Photographer