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Our wonderful team of Architects working for us on the Community Centre in Kaza

  • Joan Pollock
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We have a wonderful team working for us on the Community Centre in Kaza, Spiti Valley.

Lara Davis, MArch MIT, Architect/ Structural mason/ Faculty, UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture
Lara, from the US, has done a magnificent job,working on site for over two months, organising the construction of the second floor with local masons and labourers.  Lara returned to Auroville at the end of July.

Sam Rodrigues, Architect from Portugal.
Sam has been with us for over two months, and is due to leave on the 6th August.  He is an expert in wood, and has constructed all the specially designed double-glazed windows for large panes of glass, to generate heat in winter.  This was Sam’s first visit to the valley, and he has become very popular with the local people.

Swati Negi, Architect from India.
This has been Swati’s project from the very beginning.  She has been responsible for the detailed plans, drawing up lists for Jeet’s shopping list.  Swati arrived at the end of July to take over from Lara, and will be on site until OCtober.  She is doing a brilliant job of co-ordinating all the team – carpenters, masons, and labourers- together.

Guiomar Grande, Architect from Spain.
Guiomar arrived at the end of July to provide help and support to Swati.