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United Nations Climate Change Award for Low Carbon WINNER


Kaza Eye Clinic

Help us raise £101,000 in 101 days, helping the 12,000 Spiti people of the valley.

Watch Pam Sidhu’s interview with Joan Pollock (our founder) about the inspiring work she has done for the people of Spiti over the last 30 years.



Our Projects

Eye Clinic

Kaza Eye Centre

Donations so far: £22,055 / £101,000

The Spiti Projects need £101,000 to go towards an Eye Clinic for the 12,000 people of the valley.

Children eating apples

Apple Tree Donations

Earlier this year whilst watching a programme of HRH The Queen walking round the garden of Buckingham Palace with David Attenborough praising the interesting variety of magnificent trees planted by many dignitaries over the years, I thought, if this is the Year of the Tree, how can we equate this to Spiti? We came up with the idea of Apple trees.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a Child is one of the most worthwhile things that can be done for Spiti children of deprived families. Your donations change the lives of these young people, paying for clothes, school fees, books and transport.


Improve the quality of life for the communities that live in the Spiti Valley.


Spiti Trail and Homestays


Watch Pam Sidhu's interview with Joan Pollock

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Our Blog

Proposal to Establish a Vision Care Centre
The Kaza Eco-Community Centre recently won the Award for Low Carbon Building at the United Nations Climate Change conference in 2016. PROPOSAL TO ESTABLISH A VISION CARE CENTRE It is estimated that there are thousands of blind people in the region, with about 2,500 people requiring cataract operations and refractive treatment. This number would double...
August 20, 2019
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Animals in Spring
In the spring, usually in April when the snow has melted and the new shoots of grass appear on the hills, the sheep, goats and cows are brought out to graze once more. The sheep are sheered for their wool in April, and after the autumn harvest the women will wash and dry the wool...
July 17, 2019
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The Yak & Zho
This animal is essential to all households for providing a means of farming for those living in this mountainous region. The plough is attached to this animal for ploughing the land, helping with the harvest and carrying heavy loads. The Yak gives milk for drinking, making butter tea, and cheese, dried in the sun and...
July 5, 2019
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