The Craft Centre was set up in 1997 to provide the women of the Valley an opportunity to earn their own income, through providing a commercial outlet for the traditional knitted and woven crafts of the area. The designs have been handed down from mother to daughter for many generations and Spiti Projects helps to keep this tradition alive through the Craft Centre. Most households have a loom in the kitchen where the mothers weave shawls between cooking and other domestic chores.

The Craft Centre has now moved to the Community Centre where it will be run by the local women’s cooperative. We have a new loom donated by Lyn Collinge in memory of her husband Mark who was a weaver from Lancashire. A carpet loom and a small shop to sell crafts, postcards and t-shirts.

The art of Knitting was introduced to the valley by the Moravian missionaries in the 19th century. Hand knitted socks with geometric patterns, are made in many different designs from the good quality wool, often from their own sheep.

We are now exporting to England the famous Spiti Knitted Socks to be sold on the websites of Adventure Ashram ( and the Tibet Relief Fund (

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