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The Spiti Projects need £101,000 to go towards an Eye & Dental Clinic for the 10,000 Tibetan people of the valley.

It is estimated that there are thousands of blind people in the region of the Spiti Valley, with about 2,500 people requiring cataract operations and refractive treatment.

This number would double in time without preventative eye care. Currently there is no eye care service within 300km radius of Kaza, the centre of the Spiti Valley. Many find it too expensive to travel and so forgo treatment. There is a Government hospital in Kaza, but it has no eye care service.

Our proposed Eye Centre would be located in the Community Centre and would have a room for surgical operations to be performed and a room for refraction treatment.

The Goals and Objectives of the Centre

  • To create access for the 20,000 inhabitants of Spiti and the surrounding areas to be able to receive eye treatment. Up to now the entire population of Lahoul & Spiti areas has had to travel 300 kms to either Shimla or Manali to find any kind of eye testing or treatment.
  • To offer operations to patients diagnosed with cataracts, or any other Ophthalmic problems. These would be undertaken at the Community Centre by surgeons visiting Kaza from the Rotary Eye Hospital in Palampur at least twice a year.
  • To create a self-sustaining, income generation model of eye care services – this will include free care for the needy.
  • To install an internet and web connection with an ophthalmologist at the Rotary Eye Hospital in Palampur to confirm diagnosis.
  • To enable the people to purchase a variety of lenses and frames of their choice at affordable prices in Kaza.

Your Generous Help is Needed

All patients who are visually impaired due to refractive error will be treated at the Eye Care Centre and prescribed lasses at the Centre. Charges for treatment will be according to their means. The monitoring of quality of care at this eye clinic, will be done by a team from Rotary Eye Hospital supported by The International Eye Foundation who will make visits to Spiti twice a year.

Your generous financial help would make this much needed project possible The total initial budget is £101,000 with a further sum to cover staff and salaries and maintenance in the subsequent years. Thank you in advance.

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