A  Musical Evening celebrating the 21st anniversary of The Spiti Projects Charity. We enjoyed the evening at the Cecil Sharp House, Regent’s Park,  the home of folk Music for the United Kingdom.

Anup Kumar Biswas played the cello and was accompanied by 2 of his children who gave  delightful performance. Also performing with Anup was Don Boothman baritone  who sang beautifully  and Kaye Boothman on Tanpura .

We were fortunate enough to have the Girls from The Bhavan Centre – Institute of Indian Art and Culture to perform part of the Bharatanatyam Temple dance for us, they captivated the audience with the vivid colours of their beautiful costumes  the depth of expression in their rhythmic dance steps.

Finally we enjoyed the The Swing Classic Band from Ronnie Scott’s club,  with Sam Burgess, Alex Garnett, Chris Higginbottom and James Pearson,  played a mixture of old favourites  and the evening ended on a high.

We made £7,000 for the Community Centre project, so very big thank you to all who supported us!