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Spring Planting in the Spiti Valley

by Joan Pollock
Prepping for Spring Planting

Once the snow melts from the fields, the preparation for spring planting can begin. It’s very late this year as its been a very cold winter with a lot of snow still lingering in the fields. To help the melting process very often ash from the fire is spread on the land to speed up […]

Severe Winter in the Spiti Valley

by Joan Pollock
Frozen Spiti River in the Severe Winter

Greetings, I have recently returned from Spiti. This year the winter has been very severe with a lot of snow and a freezing cold wind a lot of the time which brought the temperatures down to below 27C -30C degrees. However, this didn’t seem to put off the Snow Leopard tourists with huge cameras who […]

Tibetan New Year: Losar Festival in Spiti.

by Joan Pollock

Losar is a festival in Tibetan Buddhism. The holiday is celebrated on various dates depending on location and tradition. The holiday is a new year’s festival, celebrated on the first day of the lunisolar Tibetan calendar,  in 2019 it is February 5th to 7th in the Gregorian calendar. This Puja (prayer) is performed on the […]

Postcards on Cloud 9: Highest Post Office

by Joan Pollock
Highest Post Office

The Spiti Valley is a remote valley in the Himalayas bordering on Tibet and known as one of the highest places in the world in which to live. In 1849 when Spiti was integrated as part of India by the British, they set up post offices in villages throughout the valley. This enabled the local […]

Joanna Lumley Supports Spiti Projects

by Joan Pollock
Joanna Lumley

Spiti Projects charity is delighted to have the influential and kind-hearted philanthropist Joanna Lumley supporting the important work that we do. Joanna is well-known for her generous endorsement to causes that are devoted to protecting the environment and human rights, for bettering the quality of life for others in need. “The work the Spiti Projects […]

The Grass is Greener on the other Side

by Joan Pollock
Women cutting grass hand

In the mountainous Spiti Valley grow coarse blades of grass, long enough to hide all the secrets you wouldn’t want to get out. Fortunately for the animals in the Valley – cows, yaks and donkeys – this means something to put the spring in their step. Food glorious food! The animals are important in the life of the valley, needing […]

The Ancient Art of Shawl Making

by Joan Pollock
Lady spinning wool

It’s safe to say the Spiti Valley is a hidden treasure, not at all short of talented craftsmen and women! A fundamental craft within the Valley is the art of weaving, a cultural heritage that has since played a natural part in Valley’s life dating back years. The fine material used in weaving is obtained […]

Gutar Festival 2018 – Key Gompa

by Joan Pollock
cham dance

This summer we arrived in Kaza in time for the GUTAR FESTIVAL at KEY GOMPA on 12th July. This is performed at LOSAR the Tibetan New Year Celebration, but as this is always held in the winter (in November in Spiti) However, T.K. LOCHEN TULKU the Spiritual Head of KEY Monastery decided to hold the […]